Aims of the IHF and terms of admission
(Excerpt from the rules of procedure)

1. The International Hovawart Federation (IHF) is an association of Hovawart-Clubs with the aim to

2012_08_07_Joy_Knopfhof_Happy_Knopfhof_Besitzer_Karin_Ostertaga)     promote contact and exchange expert knowledge between the Hovawart-Clubs
b)     exchange breeding data
c)     arrange joint events
d)     promote cooperation in all areas concerning the Hovawart breed, e.g. the breed standard

The rights and duties of the members within their national organizations remain untouched, they should try though to argue the case for the mutually agreed proposals of the IHF conferences. They will submit them to their Board members for approval.

2. This association carries the name International Hovawart Federation (IHF)

a)     It is registered at the main office of the Rassezuchtverein fuer Hovawart-Hunde e.V. in Germany

3. Every Hovawart club can become a member of the IHF provided  its national Kennel Club is a member of the FCI or an associated member of the FCI. If a Kennel Club does not allow membership  in a foreign organization the respective club can be admitted as an associated member with the right to vote.

a)     1. Clubs that want to join the IHF have to submit a written application for “provisional membership” to the General Secretary of the IHF. This application must state that the club fulfills the conditions of paragraph 1 and recognizes the rules of procedure.

2012_08_26_Eyke_Fuchsiengarten_Besitzer_Marlis_Stefan_Winkler_12.  The following documents must be attached to the application:

– Valid constitution and by-laws of the club together with a list of its Board Members.
– Valid breeding regulations of the club.
– Statement about the number of members
– Latest Breed Book, including Registry
– If a Breed Book does not exist the following breed documents must be handed in:
– Official record of breeders and kennel names
– Record of breeding stock (stud dogs and dams with their pedigree and HD-result)

All documents must be handed in either in German, English or French.