Guidelines for IHF certificate and championate

Conditions for obtaining the IHF Champion title:

  1. 3 certificates have to be received from two different FCI-special-judges of the breed Hovawart. Certificate of exhibitions organized by the Swedish Hovawart Club under the patronage of FCI umbrella organization are recognized, regardless of the judge.
  2. A Hovawart can only become IHF-Champion, if he/she has got a HD-Result A or B. This has to be documented by the owner of the dog within the application for the title.
  3. The title “IHF-Champion” can be awarded only once-in-a-lifetime for one specific Hovawart.
  4. When the conditions are fulfilled, the documents (the 3 certificates and the HD-result) should be sent to the general secretary of IHF.
  5. To be able to check the handed in certificates, the general secretary of IHF has to receive after each IHF show the “awarding-form”, which has to be signed by the judge and the ring steward.
  6. IHF is handing out the title. The general secretary of IHF sends the diploma and is responsible for announcing the title in the magazine “Der Hovawart” as well as on the IHF-Homepage.
  7. This regulation is valid up from 01.01.2014 and replaces all previous rules.


Conditions for receiving the IHF certificate:

  1. Certificates can only be handed out if there is a minimum number of 12 Hovawart-dogs in the classes competing for the IHF-Championship at the show.
  2. Each IHF-country should determine 2 shows in advance, where the certificates for the IHF-Championship can be handed out. Certificates are only allowed to be given out at shows, covered by the umbrella organization of the country.
  3. In competition for the certificate are participating all dogs having received the judgement “Excellent 1” in adult class, including “Excellent 1” / “1st place” in the veteran class. The youth class is not competing. Separately for male and female. A separate competition has to take place for the certificates for IHF-Championship.
  4. No reserve certificates are available.
  5. It´s the decision of the judge to give the certificate or not, there is no right to get the certificate even if the dog got the classification “Excellent 1” or “1st place”.
  6. The owner of the dog has to be member of an IHF-member-club. The owner of the participating dog has to prove his membership at the day of the show.
  7. Certificates given out before this new regulation are valid.
  8. This regulation is valid up from 01.01.2014 and replaces all previous regulations.